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Honor Humanity


Advancing ideas for food security in our most vulnerable communities.

Fight For Food Independence

Our mission is to address the food apartheid in our communities.  We are intent on reestablishing habits that promote independent in disenfranchised neighborhoods. Nutrition is a key component to our advancement as a people, but proper nutrition requires a habitual commitment to eating right and doing so daily. 

Our Culture Creates Our Habits

Cultures are created by providing visual cues that guide a group’s actions. Those visual cues include observable actions by leaders, group activity and the aesthetics of the environment. We will teach our community to eat better by teaching them how to live better. Community living involves creating an ecosystem that is visually engaging (public art, landscape design) and robust via group activity (food and music festivals).

Phase One

The first phase on our path to food security is the Interior Garden. The point here is to provide a way for each home to grow their own herbs in their own homes. We will create a “Grow Box” that will provide all the instructions and tools needed to start a home herb garden. Each chosen community will be subdivided and a chosen leader or Ambassador for the program will be in charge of that division of the community.

Phase Two

In Phase Two, the Ambassadors will be tasked with managing The Community Patch. The Community Patch is a garden where vegetables and certain fruits will be grown. We will locate suitable patches of dirt large enough to address the food needs of the community. Able bodied members of the community can only access the food in the garden if they participate in the activities required. Gardens do not grow on their own, there will be several tasks delegated to those who wish to participate.

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World Food Day

As part of the SEED initiative, we visited several neighborhoods in Houston repairing their gardening beds. We also visited Prairie View University for a lecture on food insecurity.

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