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Honor Humanity

Human Like You

Mission + Vision


Honor Humanity Inc. is a non-profit  organization focused on increasing compassion for underserved communities by supporting community-based organizations with creative ways to elevate and  bring awareness to their programs.


Our primary focuses are food insecurity and food apartheid, total wellness, and environmental conservation. 

Why we do It

We believe all humans should have equal access to living life well and to defend their right to do so. We challenge everyone to Honor Humanity with their gifts and resources. Let’s work together to make a better life.

You Can Help

Volunteer your time at an event or make a donation to benefit one of the causes we champion.

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Mission 2020

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Our Causes

These are the main causes me Champion. Join Us!

Sudden Loss

When tragedy strikes, we want to bring comfort and support to those who have been impacted. Whether that is raising money, material support, or connecting people in need with other organizations, we are here to assist and serve.

Total Wellness

We want to help you live your best life, by offering programs that enrich your mind, body and spirit. Honor Humanity is partnering with organizations to provide classes teaching healthy cooking, physical fitness, and fellowship. 

Ending Hunger

Despite the best efforts of organizations like City Harvest, adults, children, even families go hungry everyday. Honor Humanity wants to end food insecurity by developing a meal plan to assist feeding families in need.

Honor Humanity Inc. is a non-profit organization with 501(c)3 tax exemption status.


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