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Honor Humanity

FEED Culinary Program

Culinary opportunities for the community.

Food | Employment | Education | Diversity

We want to create a culinary program focused on teaching members of the LBGTQ, people of color and returning citizens the basics of food preparation sustainable food growth and restaurant/kitchen operations. Three course tracks Food Prep Safety Kitchen Operations Sustainable Food Growth Placement Services for graduates Graduates return to volunteer and mentor future classes Graduates will receive Food Prep Safety certification

Culinary Tract Benefits

The Culinary world is a gamut of opportunity, skill set and financial gain. While most chefs, and support staff get their training, first hand in the kitchen, culinary education is an incredible foundation to the success of a food and hospitality industry professional. From Executive Chef to Food Service Managers to Support Kitchen staff, the annual income for these individuals is amazing with little to no experience in some cases. Outside of cooking, food industry professionals, execute menu design, manage scheduling, handle vendor and purveyor selections alongside leadership and decision making for daily operations.

Program Goals

  • Teach a trade to underserved communities and help them attain employment.
  • Give the trans community a safe space to learn and find jobs in roles that will protect them and help expand their opportunities.
  • Create a pipeline of skilled individuals for corporations and businesses seeking kitchen professionals.
  • Sustainable program that can serve as a basis for similar programs across the country.

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  • Honor Humanity would love to partner with you to provide employment opportunities for the LBGTQ community. If you want to speak to us about creating a program in your community, send us a message and we’ll take it from there.

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