Honor Humanity

A Seat AT the table

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On Saturday, November 17, 2018, we hugged fathers, husbands, political candidates, small business owners, Hurricane Harvey Survivors, Light Bearers, MEN that wanted to be the change they so desperately want the world to see. A Seat At The Table was the First Activation of Ten we will do across the country. What a day of love. This was not a panel, this wasn’t a networking event filled with the typical faces and popular names. This was intent. This was purpose and in the words of Charles Coleman Jr., this was God’s Work. Our infinite gratitude to all the participants, sponsors, volunteers for such a day as this. The Community of Houston rallied behind our very special honorees and mentors with service, donations and love. A very special thank you to @thecatherineflowers and @rudyrasmus and the Bread Of Life Organization for their commitment to excellence in serving Houston’s many needs. One of those needs is LOVE. Thank you @briankeithproductions for serving in your amazing gift, Atlanta, thank you for letting BK come home to Serve in our traditional giveback! @713 @iriejadebeauty thank you for the generous donation of your businesses to further our vision. @chefjaredpierre Thank you for being humble and always being a star mentee. The food presentation was phenomenal, lord knows I only had time to cook! To My event professional Sisters @blissfullyinspired @odacreative @keishakreations @decor2remember my boundless appreciation for vendors that support vendors. To all of our sponsors, barbers, mancurist, massage therapist, facialist, we couldn’t have done this without you! Thank you from the bottom of our Hearts. Charles Coleman Jr. thank you for the vision. Your seed sowing is now blossoming. Watching a conversation over pizza become a reality for so many deserving people, is the demonstration of Faith. Follow @cfc40_official and @honorhumanity and then visit the website link in our bio to get involved. Flint, Michigan, we haven’t forgotten about you. You are next and we are coming to give you some hope and the basic need of the human body is water. We’re looking for all of our friends to become Pallet Captains. Do Your Part. Are YOU the next Black Superhero?! #CFC40 #HonorHumanity #DoYourPart #HumanLikeYou #SeatAtTheTable #blackbrilliance #BlackSuperheroProject #NxTBLKHero #BLKAF #FromAngertoAction #Houston #Texas #service #blackness #together #communityservice