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Society Of Soles x Honor Humanity Turkey Drive

The Lower East Side in Manhattan is home to a large, under-served community. 5 years ago, Society of Soles started a turkey drive to help these families celebrate Thanksgiving traditionally, as many could not afford a turkey on their own. As the program has grown, we realized providing a turkey was not enough. We provide the essentials for a full meal to feed a family of four on Thanksgiving to bring hope and happiness to these families during the holiday season.



Monies Raised
  • Turkeys Distributed: 156
  • Cases of Canned Goods: 10


Monies Raised
  • Turkeys Distributed: 220
  • Cases of Canned Goods: 25


Monies Raised
  • Turkeys Distributed: 365
  • Cases of Canned Goods: 32


Monies Raised
  • Turkeys Distributed: 507
  • Cases of Canned Goods: 55

Help Us Serve More People

This year, we have a fundraising goal of $6,000. It’s ambitious, but very attainable, and there are a number of ways we can crush that goal with your help.

  • Visit our GoFundMe page and make a donation.
  • Ask your employer to make a matching donation.
  • Volunteer your time and help us distribute meals.

UPDATE: We have surpassed our $6,000 goal! Thanks to your generosity, we’ve raised $6,440 to help families in the Lower East Side neighborhood. Thank You!

Volunteer Here

$6,000 Goal - CRUSHED!!!

Funds Raised