In today’s world of toxic dialogue and vitriolic political overload too many of us spend waste time engaging negativity and giving away our power. What would it look like for us to lead where we are?

It would look like us making the conscious decision to have an impact in the spaces we already have access to, without waiting for permission from someone else or an institution to grant us entrance. It would look like communities of color re-engaging to engineer solutions to the problems that afflict us most and which we know best, rather than waiting for help that may not ever show up. It would look like the Black Superhero Project.

What Is It?

10 Cities. 10 Service Projects. And A Ripple Effect Of Change

The Black Superhero Project is an ambitious initiative being undertaken by CFC40 and its founder, Charles F. Coleman Jr. Charles is a civil rights attorney and activist who has decided to challenge himself and others in the spirit of leading where you are. He is setting out to complete 10 different service projects in 10 different communities across the country. Each project will involve collaborations between Charles’ CFC40 non-profit and other community-based organizations in different cities to target specific demographics that are uniquely affected. A sample of the different projects is below:

Charles F. Coleman Jr.

Fighting Hunger in Houston (November 2018): Charles will partner with Houston-based Honor Humanity for A Seat at the Table which will provide a group of black men still grappling with the effects of Hurricane Harvey with a total wellness reset.

Water For Flint’s Families (January 2019): Charles will work with Big Brothers & Big Sisters of Flint, MI to solicit public donations to purchase palates of bottled water for families in Flint, MI still affected by the water crisis.

Supporting Black Women in B’More (Spring 2019): Through a partnership with Baltimore-based SAGE, Charles will facilitate the purchase and donation of 100 GAGE boxes containing everything from feminine products, items for young mothers, and materials for girls in school.

Additional activations are planned for Chicago, IL, Boston, MA, Memphis, TN, Columbia, SC, and Brooklyn, NY.

Why This? Why Now?

  1. Our community has always had to survive based on resources and intellectual capital from within. While we have at times enjoyed support from others, history has shown that we are the only ones whom we can count on consistently to be there for us—and that’s more than enough. If we put the same amount of energy into simply doing our part where we are, the impact would be tremendous. The Black Superhero Project intends to engage and inspire new leaders and organizers in cities everywhere to do their part and lead where they are. We are all we have. And, that’s more than enough.

About CFC40 Inc.

  1. CFC40 is the non-profit brainchild of civil rights attorney and activist Charles F. Coleman Jr. Its mission is to support existing organizations in the work they are already doing in community. Charles Coleman Jr. is a writer, legal analyst, and community activist. A former prosecutor, Charles is regularly featured on CNN, MSNBC, and other cable news networks for his insights on law, race, social and criminal justice, as well as politics. His writings frequently appear on a bevy of web platforms including Huffington Post,, and He is also Executive Producer for the web series Black Brilliance 360.

Call To Action

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